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Red Deer, AB groove metal five piece Leave The Living bring forth a blue-collar work ethic when it comes to making the ground shake before them. Gearing up for their 2015 debut album ‘Pacifist’ to follow up their 2012 self titled EP, LTL is looking forward to breaking necks with their punishing riffs and incredible breakdowns backed by wrenching screams and a heavier more brutal groove assault.

“We hope that old fans of the band are going to enjoy how much heavier the music has gotten since the EP and how much everyone in the band has grown as musicians. At the core we want people to really enjoy the new single and the new album. Tap their feet, move their heads, have a visceral response to it.” says vocalist Justin Shadows. “The lyrics are also inspired from a combination of things such as life experiences (Word of A Whore), insecurities (Undone), things I’ve read about (Manifesto) or any other manner of things that made me want to write. The meaning behind the album is that if we give up our right to express ourselves and dissent from popular opinion, then we deserve to live in a police state. That is it. We have the right to question our governments and ourselves. If we choose not to then we have no right to complain when the act in ways contrary to our beliefs.”

Evolving significantly since inception, LTL has taken major steps to bring their songwriting to a higher level, collaborating closer as a band to make a heavier sound plus map out a new album and more that fans old and new, locally and internationally will be anxious to hit the mosh pit to support.

“We sat down with the songs we had completed and tried to map out how we wanted the album to flow. We kept reworking it until we were happy with it. You can expect a lot more music for sure. We already have a bunch of new music in the works.”

Leave The Living is recommended for fans of Pantera, Lamb of God, Gojira, As I Lay Dying, Arsis.


released May 1, 2015

Album Credits:
– All songs performed by: Leave the Living
– All songs written by: Leave the Living
– Produced by: Leave the Living
– Mixed by: Cody Bardwell & Bailey England
– Mastered by: Cody Bardwell & Bailey England

Album and Live Band Line Up: Justin Shadows – vocals, Ben Bushido – guitar, Josiah Dyck – Guitar and Vocals, Steven McGillivray – Bass, Sean Higgins – Drums



all rights reserved


Leave the Living Red Deer, Alberta

Red Deer, AB groove metal five piece Leave The Living bring forth a blue-collar work ethic when it comes to making the ground shake before them. LTL is looking forward to breaking necks with their punishing riffs and incredible breakdowns backed by wrenching screams and a heavier more brutal groove assault. ... more

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Track Name: Let Go

- I've seen you die, I'll see you bleed.
Track Name: Pacifist
Time destroys all things.
Vengeance is a human right.
'Victim' is the priciest sell in the world.
We aren't your victims.
Nothing makes you as vain, as being told that you're a sinner.
If you show fear, you're already dead.
Dead sheep don't cry wolf.
You're already dead.
Track Name: Manifesto

A culture founded on violence and greed. Blood the currency of our society.
Take your time, sell your life. It's worth nothing.
You've been told you're worthless.
These shadowed masters decide our fates. The 1% is cognizant.
Subliminal agenda, it's a war on intelligence. Our de-evolution.
Why choose to be blind? You can open your eyes.
The oligarchy is claiming this for themselves.
The war was lost they own the earth. Should they decide its worth?
The laws the banks the courts the media...
It's a unified propaganda machine. Attacking me, attacking you.
So what the fuck are you gonna do about it?
Rise up, unite! Be aware of your own situation. Stand up, be strong! This is our fucking nation.
The system of debt slavery that we're born into is killing society.
The redistribution of wealth to the wealthy is cutting our own throats.
We drank the Kool-Aid. We bought their lies. We committed, but we can change our minds.
This is our manifesto
Track Name: Word of A Whore
Word of a Whore

Fading out again, what have I stumbled in? My memories of this crime could be duplicated.
You said this evidence is so strong there’s no defense.
I say it’s convenient the only one who suffers guilt is me.
You’d take the word of a whore, a vampire who envies your life, a life that you choose to ignore.
I can see why you hate me, you should only hate yourself.
Fading out again, randomly fading in. So shrill your voice accusing me of crimes that cannot be.
This time, it seems so far away. What do I do?
What would you do if it all came down on you?
Stripping me down, displaying all of my scars.
You seem so surprised. Fuck you.
Track Name: Undone

The bile in my mouth, the taste of things to come.
So many wasted years, undone.
Just waiting for the sun, this darkness all I see.
No sign of my salvation, so cold.
Look at me now.
Don’t I look proud?
I’m undone.
Track Name: Poison Pen

With this poison pen, I will spill your blood.
Your claims of ignorance will not stay this flood.
This is worse than disaster, counting books as the library burns.
Actions outweigh the feudal tongue.
We’ll burn as the world turns.
Man’s apathy has reached its boiling point.
Hope is for the hopeless.
Cynicism is drowning the world in empathy.
Apathy kills? I don’t care.
Closer to death than I am to life; play god as much as you want,
A peasant will always dig your grave.
With this poison pen.
Disarmed yourself so willingly in response to their plea for peace.
A disappointing belief, you’ve shown this world you’re weak.
We still stand unbowed. We still stand.
Track Name: Sink or Swim

Awakening, to the fact, I'm an object, for you no more
I'll see you die, I'll see you bleed,
but you will not take one more piece of me.
What's mine is mine, nothing is free.
This is not what I pictured. With my own eyes,
I'll see you bleed for all of the pieces you've stolen from me.
What's mine is mine. You'll get your fee.
Exactly what I pictured. No more use for this object.
Fuck this system, fuck yourself.
Not my choice, was born in hell.
Ancient blueprints for class wars.
Go die. Why won't you die? (A violent protest)
Why won't you die? (A mass hypnosis)
Why won't you die? (Your subjects revolting)
Won't you die? (Fuck your lies)
I'm not an object. I'm not your subject.
I don't exist to provide for your needs.
We do not need you. We will not feed you.
It's time to sink or swim. Sink or swim.
Your objects, can’t save you, can't save you, can't save you now.
You're doomed, Fuck you.
How does it feel to drown in your greed?